After speaking with hundreds of landlords, we found that the majority:

Lack Clarity

Most landlords are confused and do not have a clear roadmap to take them to Financial Freedom.

Lack Measurements

Most landlords do not have the ability to measure success as they manage properties.

Lack Profitability

Most landlords do not have the ability to determine profitability quickly before investing in properties.

The Profitable Landlord System will help you:

  • 1
    Save Time
    Eliminate 90% of the things you are currently doing and focus on just a few things that generate the most results.
  • 2
    Save Energy
    Life is too short trying to figure out things on your own. Take advantage of a proven system and save yourself  some energy.
  • 3
    Save Money
    Don’t waste your money on deals that are not profitable. This system will help you identify profitable deals before you invest.

Appearances over the years

Nancy Wallace-Labs, Founder of Profitable Landlord System, has helped hundreds of buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their real estate goals, on their terms. Numerous companies over 30 years of experience in the industry, have recognized this value.

Those we've had the privilege to work with

Feedback we have received

A. Dunbar
As out-of-state property owners with previous unpleasant experiences with other real estate investment companies, we were fortunate to find Nancy Wallace-Laabs. We were consistently impressed with her knowledge, reliability, professionalism, responsiveness, and honesty.
D. Ronquillo
My wife, Lorraine, and I really enjoyed your presentation. Being new to real estate investing, we found your tips and guidance very beneficial.
T. Demaret
I've worked with Nancy numerous times over the past 10 years. She's a consummate professional with exceptional business savvy and knowledge of the real estate industry.
S. Clemmensen
Nancy is, put simply, outstanding. She makes complex & difficult issues appear simple & clear. As a real estate investor, her knowledge of significant title and/or legal issues is unparalleled. Without question, I highly recommend her.

Profitable Landlord System Process

  • Schedule a call
    By the end of this call, you will have a Financial Freedom Map you can use to navigate to your desired financial destination.
  • Develop your system
    At this stage, we guide you step by step to develop your profitable landlord system.
  • Implement your system
    We help you implement your system consistently so you can achieve measurable results.

Common Objections

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Now more than ever is the time to act to ensure you are a profitable landlord.

Start your new Profitable Journey

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What is included:

  • Comprehensive workbook with case studies, assigned activities and formulas
  • Leads after four weeks of activity – guaranteed with each purchase, Leads that will result in an investment property
  • Ability to increase net worth within the first six months of program
  • Access to one on one mentoring and deal review
  • Access to mastermind targeted just for landlords
  • Property management tips and tricks for efficiency and effective management of your rental properties

Profitable Landlord System – how it works

Module 1
Profitable Sellers
Learn how to define
Module 2
Profitable Tenants
Learn the most efficient ways to find, select and manage
Module 3
Profitable Funders
Learn the questions to ask the lenders
Module 4
Profitable Managers
Whether you manage or you hire, what you might not know
Module 5
Profitable Teams
How to scale and continue to grow  your landlord business
A foundation for success

Let's start with defining the right people

Benefits of the Profitable Landlord System

  • 1
    10 Profitable Identifiers
    Systematically define the right seller.
  • 2
    Profitable Rent Income Formula (PRI)
    Define and refine your profit margin.
  • 3
    Risk Factor Ranking
    Color coded system.
We were fortunate when we  started out to have a trusted mentor guide us, and we avoided many financial mistakes that a landlord makes.  The Profitable Landlord System is the culmination of our year's of experience, interviews with hundreds of landlords and hands on experience of what works and what doesn't work to become a profitable landlord. Schedule your call today!
Nancy Wallace-Laabs
Founder of Profitable Landlord System

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