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To help us determine which program is best suited for your level of investment, please take a few minutes to answer these questions.  Once submitted, we will be in contact with you shortly for your consultation call.
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1. Why are you a landlord? Why do you want to become a landlord?

2. What do you think is or will be your biggest challenge to finding rental properties?

3. How many hours do you spend on real estate investing a week?

4. What is the one thing that frustrates you the most about being a landlord?

5. What is your number one goal for owning rental property?  What are you trying to achieve?

6. Do you have a system that you use that easily calculates profitability for each of your rental properties?

7. What is your number one fear about owning rental property?

8. How many rental properties do you own today?

9. What is the average number of bedrooms of your rental properties that you own?

10. What is the one thing I can help you with to ensure you are a profitable landlord?