How to be a Successful WAH Entrepreneur

January 26, 2021

What really sets a successful WAH entrepreneur apart are these traits:

1.     Organization: You must manage your work, social and family life.  Set up a routine and stick to it.  You can easily be distracted by doorknockers, phone ringing and that favorite TV show you recorded last night!  Don’t do it, stick to your routine.

2.     Attitude – when you work on your own, you are your own boss and employee.  There is no one telling you what a good job you are doing. There are no quarterly/annual reviews to give you feedback about your performance.  You only have yourself to work on your business, not in your business. But remember, you will reap the rewards of the success of your business!

3.     Perseverance – you must do what no one else is doing.  WAH entrepreneurs, especially when starting out don’t have capital to hire outside help.  That means all tasks to be done, you have todo it all.  This can wear out the most positive, passionate entrepreneur. Remember to take breaks, walk away from time to time to clear your head and bring a new perspective to a problem or idea you are working on.

4.     Setting aside a work space– working from home means you never leave your office.  It is important to have a dedicated space to work from that will keep you in the office mode.  If you are trying to run your business from your kitchen table, you will have countless interruptions.  Make a workspace in your home, no matter how small that is dedicated to just your business.  This will keep you focused, and in the moment when you are at “your office.”

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash